About Us

Stephan and Alessandro both met each other in primary school, and have been great friends ever since. They are both really passionate about learning, but each with our own flare. They decided to start Pseudo Elephant as a platform to share their ideas and with the hopes of inspiring others to learn and create things that they are passionate about.


Alessandro is driven more by the beauty of ideas and creativity rather than practical application. As a product of this playful mentality he has learned many different skills like graphic design, and to a certain degree a little bit of music theory, although this is more for fun. He has also learned how to manage and use different creative editing softwares such as Affinity Designer to a professional level with more than 4 years of experience. Moreover his love for beautiful ideas extends over to his passion and love for Mathematics, which landed him at the “University of British Columbia” located in Canada with the hopes of learning Mathematics, but suddenly taking an unexpected turn as he instead decided to major in Computer Science.


Stephan instead is driven by the practical application of ideas. He is constantly learning new interesting stuff and asking himself: “How can I use this to create something interesting?” So it is no surprise that when Stephan started learning programming for fun he immediately fell in love with it. Soon Stephan started to become fluent at Python, and had started learning other languages like Swift and Java. Now, over a year later, Stephan is incredibly knowledgable in the field of computer science, from networking, data structures, as well as what language to use and when to use it, Stephan can make almost any idea a reality. His passion for coding made him decide to study Computer Science at "El Técnologico de Monterrey" in Mexico City.